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Snot Rocket Fun Fishing Co.™ is a children’s line of products that aims to celebrate the excitement of fishing and the lessons that come with it. Snot Rocket Fun Fishing Co.™ was created from a desire to teach children about fishing and from the emotional connection between fishing and family tradition. We embody the values of fishing learned at an early age and we’ve packaged it up into a beautiful product with excellent customer service.

Snot Rocket Mission Statement

We created this brand with kids in mind. We wanted to combine the joys of fishing with quality products that embrace everything from the first catch to the first job. As fishing enthusiasts, we know there’s no better feeling than the wind in your face and the water beneath you. Helping create memorable experiences that will last a lifetime, is what we do best.

We care
about the environment, following the rules, and empowering our fishing communities. A portion of our sales go towards children’s fishing initiatives in North America.

We believe that through fishing, children can learn valuable life lessons that will shape who they become as adults. By discovering the joys of fishing, we aim to teach children about our core values: kindness, patience, respect, optimism, and sustainability.

We recognize that fishing is a shared family narrative that transcends age, culture, geography and economic status. Our products will embrace tradition, celebrate the outdoors, and rekindle the fun of fishing for anyone of any age.

We aim to celebrate success, accept failure, and know that good things come to those who wait.


Henry Waszczuk

After retiring from a 10 year CFL career in 1985, Henry Waszczuk co-founded the multi-media company Canadian Sportfishing. He co-hosted and was Executive Producer of various TV shows including Extreme Fishing, Sportfishing Adventures and the Canadian Sportfishing TV show, which aired for 14 years. He is now host of two new TV shows, Fins & Skins Classic Adventures and Fishing the Flats TV. Waszczuk has produced and hosted over 1000 TV shows and is entering his 30th season on air. He is also publisher of Fins & Skins Travel Magazine and has co-authored eight sportfishing books.

One of the best ways to connect to the youth of today is through fishing. Henry feels that through that connection you have the chance to unplug and develop a strong ever lasting relationship.

Check out Finsshop.tv for Henry’s line of products.

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