Snotty Celebration Ideas

Have a child’s birthday coming up? With so many aspects to plan, sometimes just choosing a theme can be difficult.

Fishing makes a great motif, as it works all year long and can incorporate your child’s favourite colours, fun games, and interactive snacks. Best of all, it can be adjusted to different age groups to include activities for older or younger siblings and cousins.

We’ve got you covered with ideas to make this year’s birthday party the best one yet!


Bobber Lanterns

These bobbers provide light and some colour to the room! Plain paper lanterns can be found at your local dollar store, and all you need to do is paint the bottom half red. Make these the weekend before and get your family involved! (Example by Sand and Sisal)

Seaweed Walls

Let your kids feel like they’re under the water with the fish by decorating your walls with green streamers. Twisting them slightly gives the illusion of seaweed swaying in the water, with the blue circles emulating air bubbles floating around. Encourage your kids to help decorate by drawing their own construction paper fish and including it in the scenery. (Example by Mortashed Medley)

Sign Post

Create the feeling of a small fishing village with signs pointing out all the hot spots. Draw your own or get printable ones, like these from AnnaMarie Design on Etsy.


Live Bait Dessert Cups

We love these dessert cups because they act as a decoration and a snack! These are made with chocolate pudding and crushed Oreo cookies, but you could substitute in your child’s favourite flavour, or even a fruit salad at the bottom. The gummy worms on top add a fun pop of colour! (Example from Kara’s Party Ideas)

Candy Station in a Tackle Box

If you’re planning on a candy station (or any kind of snack station), a tackle box is a great way to lay out the treats for party guests. If you have several smaller tackle boxes, you could fill each with a different type of snack and choose ones that are less sugary (ie. chips in one, crackers in another, cookies in the next, etc.).

Pretzel Fishing Rods

These pretzel fishing rods are adorable! While these treats require a bit more make-ahead time than some of the other options, they can add so much to the decor and feel of the room! These are dipped in white chocolate that was tinted blue, but you could also do yogurt or caramel! Gummy fish also work as a great alternative to goldfish crackers. (Example from Catch My Party)


Fish Puppets

Get the kids’ creativity flowing at the party with this quick and easy craft! These handprint fish puppets can be as simple or as intricate as you have the supplies for! Have a few adults on hand to help the children trace and cut their handprint, then let them run wild with googly eyes, stickers, sequins, and markers. After the party is over, guests can take these home and use them as puppets! (Example from Southern Made Simple)

Colouring Pages

We haven’t met a kid yet who didn’t like a good colouring page with markers or crayons. Head over to our Meet the Fish page and download some great pages for the party! Because these are real species of fish like snapjack tuna and walleye, they also serve to teach the guests about fishing!

Paper Plate Fish Aquarium

This craft requires a bit more preparation (depending on the age of the guests), but the payoff is a great art piece kids can be proud of and display at home! Pull together some fish cut-outs, green pipe cleaners, blue paper plates (or white ones and have the kids colour them in), white beans, and glue. For these items, bottled white glue works best.  (Example from Director Jewels)

We hope we’ve been able to provide you with inspiration for your next birthday celebration. Have any foolproof party ideas you rely on? Share with us in the comments below and post pictures of your next fishing-themed soiree!