Five Life Lessons Kids Learn Through Fishing

For many, going fishing is a nostalgic tradition that dates back to early childhood. It brings back memories of being near water, spending time with family and learning the tricks of an angler. Beyond being a great way to discover, explore and have fun outdoors, the sport of fishing offers many things besides the satisfaction of a big catch.

1. Planning & Organization

Although at first glance, fishing seems to be a simple task: throw a rod in the water and wait. But with some organizing ahead of time, like gathering lures, rods, packing lunches, and planning out the best fishing spots, you may find your luck increase. This is good practice to show your child that the best outcomes are the result of a solid plan.

2. Patience

The excitement of catching a fish doesn’t come without the torture of the long periods of waiting. This is perhaps why some people don’t like fishing, but for those of us more patient folk, the intense and random bursts of excitement make it all worth it. Fishing is a great lesson in understanding that good things come to those who wait.

3. Respecting Nature

Being mindful of the fish we catch and the nature we disrupt is crucial to our children’s future on this planet. It’s important to know the rules when we aren’t fishing “catch and release” style.  Knowing that we are keeping the right fish, the right amount and never taking more than we need is a good lesson to learn early on. Fostering environmentally conscious adults is the result of appreciating nature as children. A better understanding will help conserve fish species for generations to come.

4. Unplugging from Technology

It may seem like an impossible battle to keep your children off the iPad these days, but there’s no time for games when your fishing! Fishing is a great way to get kids to put down the technology and embrace the fun that nature has to offer. The enjoyment from the sun on your face, and water beneath your feet will long surpass the high of achieving more followers on Twitter.

5. Practice makes Perfect

Fishing is a great example of this, where discovering the right places, techniques, weather, time and bait will help determine what works and what doesn’t. Learning that giving up isn’t an option, and that persistence and practice will deliver the best results, is an invaluable skill to learn as a child.